Fully Automatic Wire Winding Machines

 GURFIL GRF-SJ4 Fully Automatic Wire Winding Machine:


GURFIL Fully Automatic Wire Winding Machine is specially designed for winding wires on to cable and hose braiding machine bobbins automatically.

All actions of bobbin loading, bobbin clamping, winding, thrum cutting, thread slubbing, thread cutting and bobbin unloading is controlled by PLC automatically.


  • Empty bobbin capacity: 4 lines x 16 pcs.
  • Full bobbin capacity: 8 lines x 4 pcs.


Number of Bobbin 4
Width of bobbin 70-100mm or customer specified
Hole of bobbin 10-33mm or customer specified
Max. speed 3000 r.p.m.
Max. number of wire 10
Wire diameter 0.08-0.25mm
Pitch 0.1-2mm
Main motor power 4Kw
Motor of traverse 400W servo motor



GURFIL GRF-SJ4 Fully Automatic Wire Winding Machine VIDEO: