Copper Foil Laminates

Copper Foils Laminates (CU+PET / CU+SY) are divided into two categories;

  • Copper Foil and PET Film Lamination (CU+PET)
  • Copper Foil and Surlyn Film Lamination (CU+SY)

Copper foils


On the construction copper foil provides conductivity and electromagnetic insulation. PET Film provides electrical insulation and high mechanical strength. Surlyn Film helps the Tape to grasp and bond the surface that is applied Copper Foil provides resistance to corrosion and radiation, can be soldered, and has higher conductivity compared to aluminum foil. Copper foil is mainly used on coaxial cables, signal cables, control cables, instrumentation cables, LAN cables, data communication cables, and most of other communication cables.

SPOOL (Traverse / "Step-by-Step") and PAD windings are available.


copper foil  cu-pet / cu+sy 2 copper foil  cu-pet / cu+sy 3 copper foil  cu-pet / cu+sy detay


copper foil  cu-pet / cu+sy kablo copper foil  cu-pet / cu+sy kablo

Copper foil, Cu-Pet