Quality Policy

ISO 9001 Quality Assurance systems implemented by our company, which pays great importance to Quality and quality continuity in all organizations.


The quality of our product is the key of consumer satisfaction and the ongoing success of our ongoing customer satisfaction and management success. Our company with its constant aim for development, efficient use of resources and environmental friendliness, customer focus and superior service understanding seeks:


* to extend the quality management system beyond the minimum requirements of ISO 9001:2015;


* to develop and strength quality awareness among our employees through ongoing training, motivation and performance;


* to provide highest value, quality and on time delivery at a fair price due to partnership with our suppliers;


* Our company has certified its respect to consumers with the "CONSUMER PROTECTION COVENANT". Moreover has proved its commitments to such principles by not using raw materials harmful for human health during production and has consolidated its esteem with its environment-friendly identity.


All products of GURFIL are certificated by ROHS.

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Quality policy




Quality Policy